Thursday, December 18, 2008

All you need is love

Christy and Kevin Jr. set us up with this new blog spot. Now I can keep you all up on what we are doing and where we are. It will be so much fun to share with my great Family!! I appreciate them doing it and look at the beautiful pictures and the setting around it. Such old pictures of us! We were so very young.


  1. Al and I went to Washington DC for the wedding of Kevin Tame and Lea billings. What a wonderful time we had there. We had 7 grandchildren there and 2 great grand babies. We had so much fun with each of them. The Temple is simply Beautiful!!! The Great, spirit that attended us while in the sealing room was just perfect. We also went with Lea to take out her endowments. What a thrill for me! We met her father and mother...they are terrific. We did some site seeing and found Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland such good places with lots of history. Gettysburg was a sad one, but true, so it is wonderful we were able to see it too.

    Steven and Christy took care of us so very well! We didn't have to worry about a thing. We traveled with them and ate with them. What Fun they are to be with.
    Ginger and Walter Von Kampen came and we had a wonderful time with them. They have one girl, Tylee,her husband,And 3 strapping lads. Tall and very cute. We danced at the reception and had a great time mixing with everyone. We would do it again if we could. For another grandchild, YES!

  2. We are planning to start home to WA state on the 15th of April. We want to stop and see Roxanne Bradford and her husband Terry. Than Steve and Maribeth, Lora and Austin, Al's brother Richard. Who all live along the I-5 corridor.

  3. Kenny's wife Emily went into the hospital about 3:00 am on Friday morning. They decided to keep her there until the baby is born. Daisy is bewildered, missing mom. Sweet little girl, doesn't know what happened to her mother.